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Vlogger creates a lipstick robot, but it doesn’t exactly work like we hope

Technology is doing great things for cosmetics. 

We’ve got the 3D-makeup printer, Mink, that lets people print makeup based off photos. And then there’s Adorn, the device that claims it will print your perfect foundation (though that’s yet to be proven).

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The world has not yet created a device that actually helps us apply makeup perfectly, but it’s not for lack of trying. Case in point: Simone Giertz — a self-described “non-engineer” — creates fun robots and then posts demonstration videos on her YouTube channel. Her latest is a lipstick robot that has so much potential, but doesn’t quite do the job.

That is, unless you’re going for the “outside the lines” look.

It’s pretty obvious that she created this robot as a joke, but it’s not the first time she’s tried to program a machine to do daily beauty maintenance tasks. Last year, she created a helmet designed to brush teeth — and very aggressively, I might add.

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“… I like building things,” she told Vice of why she made the toothbrush helmet. “I like telling people about things I build. I like making videos. I like making tools that people can use to be creative.”

“Creative” is definitely the way to describe the lipstick robot, but she’s on the right path. I don’t think makeup robots are really that far off… and the person who does create one that can perfectly contour will undoubtedly be a billionaire within a few days.

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