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Artist transforms famous landmarks into something creative and fun

There’s no shortage of images of the world’s most beautiful landmarks, but one artist has done something pretty different with her photographs. 

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Artist Eliska Podzimkova is an avid traveller and likes to put her own unique stamp on the photographs she takes during her travels, by creating alluring illustrations that include a moustache on the Statue of Liberty and duck legs on former President of the United States’ Abraham Lincoln’s memorial statue.

This image makes the rooftops of the city of Prague in the Czech Republic so much more colourful.

Shining a spotlight on the city from Prague’s astronomical clock.

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London Bridge gets a surprising visit… from a giant.

Want to fish in snowy New York, anyone?

We don’t know where this is, but we love it!

Podzimkova adds some love to One World Trade Center.

Whoops, it looks as though the Statue of Liberty forgot to shave.

Speaking to Evening Standard about her work, Podzimkova said, “As a student I always had a problem to think of something what to draw.”

“One time my dad gave me a graphic tablet and I ended up having the same issue. I didn’t know what to draw so I just took a photo and started drawing on it. It became something new, fresh and special to me.”

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Her fresh take on classic things is probably one of the reasons why she already has over 55,500 followers on Instagram.

And while some of us struggle to come up with creative ideas on a daily basis, they just seem to come to Podzimkova.

“Sometimes I just go outside for a walk with my camera and take a random pictures,” she told the publication. “Then I come home and go through it and hopefully something comes up in my mind.”

Her work is beautiful and different… perhaps a reminder that alternate takes on something classic can be just as charming.

Do you like what Podzimkova is doing with these classic landmarks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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