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Rescue dog’s dramatic transformation is heartwarming

Sadly, some animals have an unfair start in life, but with the right amount of love and care, they can make a dramatic transformation, and Angel the rescue dog is proof of this.

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The female lurcher was rescued by Irish animal shelter PAWS Animal Rescue, and when she was first introduced to the hardworking staff members at the centre, she was incredibly frightened and found a corner to huddle in to avoid human attention.

Her behaviour was heartbreaking and an indication of the abuse she had endured from her previous owner.

A week later, another lurcher, christened Cliff, was picked up near the location that Angel had been found. And something remarkable happened when he was taken to PAWS.

“It was immediately clear by the way the two dogs greeted each other that they had both come from the same place and were more than likely brother and sister as their colouring and age were so similar”, the PAWS website reads.

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“Often, it is common for mistreated lurcher females to have been treated worse than their male counterparts as males are seen as more valuable. Angel immediately welcomed her brother, now called Cliff, and clung beside him, either staying cuddled up in her bed or only going where he would go. Thankfully, he liked to walk up and greet us and showed Angel that it’s okay to trust some people”.

After months of love and care, PAWS has posted an update about Angel — and she has been transformed into a completely new, happy and trusting pooch.

The news gets even better, because Angel has now found her forever home with a very loving owner. And she has a new friend too, as the couple introduced Angel (who has since been renamed Cara) to their rescue greyhound, Jaego.

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