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UK’s most haunted house goes up for sale again after owner left ‘terrified’

Let’s be honest, no one wants to live in a home where there are reports of strange happenings so it’s not surprising that the “most haunted house in Britain” is up for sale once again.

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Vanessa Mitchell moved into the cottage known as “The Cage” in 2004, not knowing anything of its creepy reputation, and has since encountered some terrifying behaviour that she’s been unable to explain.

According to The Mirror, Mitchell claims to have seen numerous ghostly figures, was smacked on the backside, has been pushed over when she was 8 months pregnant with her son, Jesse, (who is now 8 years old) — which she described as “terrifying” — and has even seen blood splatters appear on the floor.

The property has a terrible history: it was once a medieval prison and hosted one of England’s most famous witch-hunts which saw eight women lose their lives after being accused of witchcraft in the 16th Century.

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The Cage has been the subject of a number of paranormal investigations and even has a website dedicated to its history and the unusual events that happen within the home.

Mitchell finally decided enough was enough after CCTV reportedly captured an image of what she calls a “demonic goat” — an animal often associated with Satan.

“The face spotted on the picture and CCTV footage is the spitting image of a satanic devil,” Mitchell said. “I honestly believe the house is cursed, I have lived there for years but for me seeing a tall dark figure standing between me and my son’s cot was the final straw for me [sic].

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“Footage from the past couple of weeks shows the picture of a satanic goat which just reaffirms that the place is haunted by something malevolent. There’s something evil there in there, something demonic, whatever it is that’s keeping the other spirits trapped inside [sic].

“I have seen more than I could ever have imagined over the years in The Cage — from being attacked while I was pregnant to being smacked on the backside,” she continued. “I was never warned about the paranormal activity in the house when I bought it and think I was drawn to it to try to help the house.”

Mitchell managed to spend 11 years in The Cage, initially paying £148,000 for the home, but is selling it now because the incidents just keep getting worse. According to the Essex Chronicle, the cottage has been put on the market for £180,000.

Would you knowingly buy a haunted home? Because this could be your chance.

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