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Uber is delivering puppies to offices today

Sound the cuteness alarm! Today is puppy delivery day across the United States thanks to the annual Puppy Bowl and Uber!

If you live in one of these nine cities — Denver, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Orange County or San Jose — and you work in an office, then you’re in luck. You can have a load of puppies in your office just by using your handy Uber app. Sound like a dream come true? Well, that’s because it is.

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This adorable service is only available between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (because after all, puppies get tired from too much play and cuddle time), so you have to get on this fast. All you need to do is open the Uber app, request the “puppies” option (if you’re in D.C. or NYC, you have to enter the promo code “DCpuppies” or “PuppyNYC”) and then wait for your fluffy new friends to arrive. The one requirement is that it’s open only to official office spaces (sorry, all you work-from-homers, including myself). If there was ever a reason to join a company, this is it.

Once the puppies get to you, you have only 15 minutes of hang time with them, so make it count! They suggest you have an inclosed space ready so the pups don’t get lost in and around your office (as adorable as that might be). The whole service costs $30, all of which goes right back to the local rescue organization that fosters these adorable fur balls. Naturally you’ll want to take a bunch of pictures of these cuties, and if you get some really good ones, you should post them on #UberPuppyBowl to make everyone who isn’t partaking in Uber puppy day super jealous.

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And the best news? All the puppies you meet are eligible for adoption thanks to the amazing rescue organizations who partnered with Uber and the Puppy Bowl to make this day a reality. Of course, puppy Uber will be super popular today, so there might be a bit of a wait time, but trust me, the result will be worth it. If you don’t make the cutoff time, you can still donate to your local animal rescue groups through GlobalGiving. Now go out there, and score a pup for the rest of us!

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