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Mum pays tribute to the school run stranger who ‘inspired’ her to change

A Facebook post from Rachaele Hambleton, 33, about how she was inspired to change her own life after watching a stranger “with crazy blonde curly hair” on the school run for the last 10 years, has gone viral. 

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Ms Hambleton, who has three children and two step-children, first posted the extremely moving tale to the Spotted Torquay Facebook page. She revealed that she had watched a complete stranger walk her children to school across Sheldon Bridge, near Teignmouth in Devon, every morning for the last decade.

Describing the other woman as a “beautiful lady with crazy blonde curly hair”, Ms Hambleton said she inspired her to “work a little less, and learn to manage a little more.”

“I just wanted to post on here, in the hope somehow it will reach you, to say thank you… because of you I have now reduced my working hours so I can spend some mornings at home doing the crazy school runs with all my babies. I make sure I go and fight back tears watching all their school plays and bake (mainly inedible) cakes for the fetes…and I love all of it! It’s amazing that seeing a 30 second glimpse of someone else’s life once a day can make yours so much more enjoyable xx”, her post concluded.

The post attracted thousands of likes and was shared hundreds of times by those who were touched by the story. Perhaps they were parents who could relate to Ms Hambleton’s feelings of guilt at not being there to do the school run, or simply people who were inspired by it on an otherwise mundane Monday.

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According to MailOnline, Ms Hambleton later took to her own Facebook page to explain why she wrote the moving post to a total stranger: “I wrote this post because sometimes in life, it’s just nice to share with other people how they can make your life so much nicer when they would never even know.”

So far, little is known about the “beautiful lady with crazy blonde curly hair”, apart from the fact that she is called Naomi, and responded to Ms Hambleton’s post to say thank you, saying she was “absolutely amazed” and felt “honoured” to have unknowingly inspired her.

Naomi also thanked her supportive husband for making it possible for her to be a stay-at-home mother.

“I have to give thanks and credit to my wonderful husband who works tirelessly which enables me to be there for our children without the need for grandparents or childcare so without him I couldn’t do it,” she wrote. “Let’s not forget our hard working husbands and partners!”

“I wouldn’t change it all even if I could so hold on to all those beautiful memories you’re making with your children because they won’t want you going to school with them forever… it’s all over too soon,” she continued. “Many, many thanks for allowing me to be part of your journey and give me a beep when we pass next so I can give you a wave!! So touched to have made a positive difference to a stranger’s life Xx”

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