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Groundhog’s winter prediction is out, Cruz bumps Trump & more headlines

It’s Tuesday morning and hopefully you’ve eased into the week. But don’t strain yourself — wake up gently with these news headlines. 

1. Second place

Whoa, something finally took the wind out of Donald Trump’s sails, and that thing is Ted Cruz. Cruz won the Iowa caucuses last night, dealing a “humbling blow” to Trump’s predicted dominance in Iowa and New Hampshire. Marco Rubio had a strong third place showing. The state has a strong evangelical population, who gave Cruz about one-third of their votes. — The New York Times

2. Tie

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a virtual tie after the Iowa caucuses last night at 49.9 percent and 49.5 percent of the vote, respectively. The close results mean that they will probably split Iowa’s delegates to the Democratic convention. The Clinton camp, despite being “deeply unnerved,” declared victory. — The New York Times

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3. What winter?

The east may have just been hit with a major winter storm, but Punxsutawney Phil says winter’s almost over. The Pennsylvania rodent didn’t see his shadow this Groundhog Day, which supposedly means we’re in for an early spring. — CNN

4. Heavy weather

Heavy snow is expected to arrive today, stretching from the Plains region to the Upper Great Lakes, with “blizzard-like” conditions in some areas. Mississippi and Alabama can expect some severe thunderstorms and a few tornados. You know the drill: Check on your neighbors and don’t drive. — Weather

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5. Justice

Bill Cosby arrives in Norristown, Pennsylvania, today for a pre-trial hearing, facing charges that he sexually assaulted a woman 12 years ago. Today’s battle is largely a face-off between the former and current district attorneys — the former found insufficient evident to charge Cosby; the current is citing new evidence. The Cosby team says the former D.A. promised never to prosecute Cosby, a promise that his successor must adhere to. Other people think otherwise. — The New York Times

6. The long arm of the law

A 1970s children’s TV host who’s been wanted by law enforcement for child molestation charges for more than 30 years has — if they’ve got the right guy — been arrested. Frank Szeles, possibly also known as Frank John Selas, is believed to have been living in California since 1985 and was recently arrested in San Diego. It appears that Szeles was active in various youth groups in that area in the decades he’s been a fugitive. He had been banned from San Diego-area Cub Scout troops and the Mormon Church. Ugh. — Slate

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7. Sad news

Chef Benoit Violier, whose three-starred Michelin restaurant in Switzerland was recently anointed the best restaurant in the world, has apparently committed suicide. Police found his body in his apartment and issued a statement that the cause of death was a gunshot wound. — CNN

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