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Vibrating yoga pants aim to perfect your poses

Perfect alignment often feels like the holy grail of any vigorous yoga practice. Even those of us who practice daily and consider yoga a major part of our lives struggle with it during every class. Is my back foot at a 45 degree angle in Warrior 1? Are my hips aligned in standing split? It’s never easy to tell from your own vantage point. Enter the Nadi Pant.

The Nadi Pantis a line of yoga pants that connect to an app and use technology (and vibration) to tell the user whether or not their alignment is on point. And as anyone who has ever struck a downward dog knows, it’s very difficult to assess your own alignment when your butt is in the air and you are gazing at your naval.

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But do these work?

It looks like we will have to wait to find out. The pants, while getting a lot of buzz (pun intended) are not yet commercially available. But as a yogi myself who is almost finished with my 300 hour teacher training program, I must say alignment is a huge issue. No matter how long you have been practicing, your body tends to find comfort in certain expressions of the poses. If you turn your foot out in half moon once, you will do it forever.

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I have many poses in which proper alignment is tricky. I struggle in Warrior 3 to keep my hips level and in triangle to fully stack my shoulders. I struggle in half moon to keep my standing foot straight and in wheel, my feet turn out. In other words, even people with a strong practice could benefit from something like that.

That said, I would really have to see this to believe it. One of the reasons I prefer to practice in a studio rather than at home is that I love the human element. There are some things in terms of adjustment and interaction that simply cannot be replicated when you are practicing on your own. And I am not confident a pair of pants really has the eye that a teacher has from the front of the room.

Still, I would give them a try. Anything that helps improve private practice sounds like a winner to me.

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