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Rescued pig falls in love with the pup next door

When baby mini pig Piper first saw her puppy next-door neighbor, she knew they were destined to become the best of friends. 

While love between species is not common, when it happens, it’s truly a sight to behold, especially if said species are still babies. The duo met after Piper made her way over to the house next door, came nose to nose with a sweet brown pup — and two BFFs were instantly born. Since that first meeting, the friends have been inseparable.

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Could two animals look any more perfect snuggling next to each other like that? Nope.

Piglet Piper actually has a pretty extraordinary story all her own. She was found abandoned out in the cold. No one knows what became of her mom, but thankfully she was rescued and taken to a shelter. A few weeks later, a Tennessee family who already had four mini pigs adopted little Piper and brought her into their warm, loving home.

Along with her new canine bestie, Piper has a bunch of pig siblings, a mom and dad, not to mention adoring owners. She is so in love with her new pals that she spends most of the day running around like mad — until she sees a blanket. She looooooves blankets.

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And teddy bears.

And sweaters.

Okay, I think I got it now. She pretty much loves anything that’s fluffy, but her puppy buddy will forever be number one in her heart.

I can barely handle all the cuteness. I want to join this little piglet-puppy snugglefest.

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Image: heidiklum/Instagram

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