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Cat owner shares tragic tale to warn about dangers of lilies

A devastated woman is calling for warning stickers on all lilies sold by supermarkets and florists after they caused the death of her young kitten.

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Elizabeth Mackie, 38, was the proud owner of Mr Mistoffelees, known as Misto, who she bought after her mother died of a stroke.

Unfortunately Elizabeth didn’t know lilies are poisonous to cats, and Misto died after brushing against a vase of them on the window sill, reported

After Misto rubbed against the lilies, Elizabeth posted a picture of him covered in orange pollen on social media, asking for advice about how to get it off. She wasn’t expecting to receive several warnings about the deadly effects the flower can have on cats.

Mr Mistoffelees was rushed to Leonard Brother Veterinary Clinic, where Andy Nelson sedated him and tried to induce vomiting. Sadly, it was too late, and Misto died later that day of kidney and liver failure.

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“When he stopped breathing, the vet went to get adrenaline”, said Elizabeth. “I massaged his chest as shown by the vet in a bid to save him while he got the adrenaline, but unfortunately we couldn’t revive him. I was devastated. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, as he was just a baby, and I was there trying to save him like that. It was awful.

“Had I known that lilies were so deadly to cats, I would never have had them in my house”, added Elizabeth, who has joined forces with the veterinary clinic to launch a petition demanding supermarkets and florists put warning stickers on the packaging of all lilies, advising people they should not be kept near cats.

“This is the second cat in the last year that I have seen die from lilies just because the owner did not know that they were dangerous for cats”, said the vet.

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