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Bunny yoga may be the motivation you need to exercise

Yoga facilitates health and relaxation, but for one studio it can also raise awareness — and do so in the cutest way.

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On Sunday, Sunberry Fitness in Richmond, British Columbia, hosted its second bunny yoga class (the first was last November) in collaboration with Bandaids for Bunnies charity. The charity rescues bunnies that have been abandoned in the streets and parks of the city and aims to find them homes with someone who will love and appreciate them for the long haul.

bunny yoga creates awareness for a good cause
Image: Sunberry Fitness/Imgur

The class was sold out, as 27 bunny-loving yoga enthusiasts went about their stretches with 10 adorable bunnies hopping around the studio at their leisure. The goal was to raise awareness for the bunny overpopulation in the city and to encourage people to adopt those that desperately need a home.

Speaking to Metro News of the success of the classes (both have managed to raise more than $1,000), Sunberry Fitness studio owner Julia Zu said, “People really enjoy it. A lot of them can’t have pets at home because some apartments don’t allow pets, so it’s a way for them to be close to animals.”

bunny yoga creates awareness for a good cause
Image: Sunberry Fitness/Imgur

Janet Keating, a representative from Bandaids for Bunnies, told the news outlet that the session has increased interest in adoption.

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“(The bunnies) made a lot of friends, and we got a lot of interest in adoptions and fosters,” Keating said. “With rabbits being a prey animal, they’re a little bit skittish, but we take rabbits that we know are going to be a good experience for the class.”

bunny yoga creates awareness for a good cause
Image: Sunberry Fitness/Imgur

If you missed out on the opportunity to take part in bunny yoga, the studio intends to hold another class just in time for Easter.

Of course, this is not the first time that we have witnessed animals taking part in yoga classes. Last year, Vancouver’s Stretch yoga studio held a Cats on Your Mats yoga class, which also proved to be a great success and created awareness for a very worthy cause.

Would you love to do yoga with cats or bunnies surrounding you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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