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Ginger Doodle the poodle has more skills than the average human

There are a lot of adorable pets in the world but now that we’ve seen Ginger Doodle we don’t think any others can compare.

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At first glance the adorable red toy poodle looks like she could literally be a fluffy toy but, when you delve deeper into her Instagram photos — yes, she has her own Instagram page with over 25,000 followers — you’ll see she has more flexibility than we could ever hope to have ourselves and is also pretty skilled.

Like when she performs handstands. How is this even real?

Two-legged tricks. She deserves so many rewards for these skills.

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But you won’t just love Ginger Doodle for her gymnastic abilities… she’s also just too cute.

She was born on Sept. 8, 2013, which only makes her about two and a half years old, but she already plays piano like a pro (OK maybe not really).

Just look at her as a hotdog.

Ginger Doodle has a need for speed.

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Seriously, our hearts melt.

Ginger Doodle and her owner Jennifer Lee are clearly very proud of her accomplishments. So proud, in fact, that there’s not just an Instagram account that is dedicated to the little pooch; her owner also enjoys posting videos of her to her YouTube channel.

Like this one, showing off the tricks that this cutie can accomplish.

Is Ginger Doodle the most skilled pup on the Internet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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