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Reversible, colour-changing sequin dress will leave you mesmerized (VIDEO)

You may remember when mermaid cushions rose to popularity a couple of weeks ago thanks to shimmering, double-sided sequins that changed colour right before your eyes (and it was really mesmerizing), but now we have no need for mermaid cushions, because the dress version is here — and it’s epic.

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A Vine of the dress was uploaded by Lauren Strapagiel, and it’s becoming a bit of an Internet sensation, as it currently has over 15 million loops!

Which is not actually all that surprising, because who wants a mermaid cushion when you can have the design all over your body? You can even write messages on it, like “OMG,” “Must buy” and “best dress” — those are just some of our offerings. We’re sure you can do much better.

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However, things this awesome don’t come cheap, and the cap-sleeve sheath dress designed by Vince Camuto will set you back $281 from Macy’s. Which may just be worth it if you factor in the fact that you have two ways of wearing it (so it’s kinda like two dresses in one): either laying the reversible sequins flat for a matte look, or brushing them upward to make some pretty impressive patterns.

There’s also another option from Bree Lena. A delightful silver and gold reversible sequin shift dress, which is custom made to the measurements you provide (which makes it even more exclusive).

Reversible sequin shift dress
Image: Bree Lena/ LC Photography

The good news? It can be yours from Macy’s without delay. The bad news? If you don’t act soon, it may be sold out.

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Would you wear this creation? Or do you think it’s better to just gaze at it longingly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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