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Derms say new ‘moisturizing jeans’ could cause infection

With brands competing for the next hot beauty innovation and time-saver, we often get some absolute gems.

And yet just as often, we’re gifted with inventions that would have maybe looked good on an informercial at 3 a.m. Guess has introduced its new Jeancare line, which goes beyond clothes to “infused” denim. Say goodbye to the Canadian tuxedo and hello to lavender-scented, gingko- and vitamin E–infused dresses and jeggings.

Their high-rise jeggings are “enriched with nutrients” to moisturize legs as you wear them. For those of us who can’t spare the minute to pre-pants moisturize each morning, we do see the appeal of a device that does it for you.

We asked Dr. Joel Schlessinger, board certified dermatologist and adviser, if there are any cons to being bound in jeggings tight with your moisturizer for a full day. Schlessinger wouldn’t recommend the technology. “Not only is it unlikely to help, but the risks involved include infections from various skin bacteria growing on the infused products on the jeans and causing serious issues,” he says.

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If you do try out these babies, make sure you first read the tag closely for any potential allergy reactions. Schlessinger reminds us it’s not a great idea to be tied to a potential skin irritant for an eight-hour workday unless you’re totally sure that your skin plays well with lavender. “The ingredients that are infused offer the potential for major issues with allergies and irritations. Vitamin E and fragrances are not often exposed to the skin on an ongoing basis. This means there are concerns that certain individuals who may otherwise not react to them will react in this situation due to the continued exposure,” he says. Here’s a phrase we never thought we’d be saying: Test-drive your new pants, or carry a backup pair!

True fashion OGs should take note that Refinery29 points out Wrangler already launched moisturizing jeans back in 2013. Weirdly, they didn’t catch on … but kudos to Guess for trying to make fetch happen.

The jeggings are available from Guess for $128. They don’t wash themselves, but we can always hold out hope for next season.

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