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Tourism Australia campaign featuring Chris Hemsworth revealed

Australia isn’t just a place you see, it’s a place you feel. That’s the opener which kicks off the Tourism Australia campaign, but after watching the just-released clip, it’s also seems to be a place you hear, with Chris Hemsworth’s gorgeous vocal chords being lent to the video.

Chris Hemsworth’s voice can be heard while visions of majestic views from around Australia appear on the screen. It almost looks and sounds like a love note to the country.

“How can the colour blue be a feeling?” Hemsworth asks, as we take in views of turquoise waters shot from above.

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Hemsworth joined Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in New York at an Australia Day function yesterday to launch the three-minute clip.

The only letdown we can see in the $45 million campaign, though, is that while Hemsworth lends his voice to the clip, he is absolutely nowhere in sight.

Video: Australia/YouTube

Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan said they didn’t want the Thor star to take the attention away from the real star of the show — Australia.

“[The campaign] has always been very much about Australia being the hero and telling the country’s story,” said Mr O’Sullivan, according to

“We felt Chris and his voiceover would provide the perfect complement — an authentic and influential voice to help tell the story.”

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So far it seems that the video has been a hit with the locals, which can’t be said for some of the previous tourism campaigns released over the years.

Lara Bingle appeared in the 2010 campaign which gave rise to the now famous catchphrase, “Where the bloody hell are you?” The phrase didn’t translate well, unfortunately, so the $180 million production was controversial at the time and received some negative coverage as a result.

Video: TourismAustraliaUSA/YouTube

One of the best tourism campaigns Australia has ever seen has got to be the commercial featuring Paul Hogan and his infamous line “Put another shrimp on the barbie.” The ad itself was a great success, even though no one says shrimp, and as a result Australia became the No. 1 tourism destination for Americans at the time.

Video: AustralianAds/YouTube

What do you think about the new Tourism Australia campaign featuring Chris Hemsworth? Let us know.

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