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Comedian highlights double standard in advertising

Comedienne Jenny Eclair is gearing up for her “How to be a Middle Aged Woman (Without Going Insane)” tour, but the promotional activity has hit a bit of a stumbling block. According to the stand-up comic, her tour poster might be banned.

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Eclair revealed on Twitter that the poster is “under review” for “nudity,” and made an excellent point about double standards in advertising.

Ah, yes — last year’s controversial “Beach Body Ready” poster from Protein World, which was plastered all over the London Underground.

Feminists all over the U.K. were up in arms — and rightly so — about the insinuation that in order to be fit to grace the beach you had to have a figure like the model on the poster.

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Clearly, the Protein World poster had no problem being approved by advertising standards (it was eventually removed, but only after a huge amount of public pressure). But Eclair certainly isn’t any more naked than the professional model in her bikini. So what’s the difference between the two ads?

The figure of a 25-year-old swimwear model, that’s what.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one — if Eclair’s poster isn’t adorning the walls of London tube stations pronto, lots of people will have plenty to say about that.

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