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Hilarious Australia Day tweets will make you smile and feel patriotic

There are many reasons to be patriotic, but one reason in particular that we love our nation is that we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves, and the #YouKnowYoureAustralianWhen hashtag is proof.

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The hashtag began trending in honour of Australia Day, and it has produced countless amusing tweets which perfectly highlight just what it means to live in the land Down Under.

No one understands Milo like an Australian. No one!

Vegemite is not for everyone, but there’s a reason it’s been around since 1922.

This actually makes sense.

Toilet breaks are interesting (at least once a month for most of us).

Bangers is not a sexual pastime.

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Our snacks are the best.

Everything just sounds better the way we say it.

But we also experience some downsides.

Damn you, time zones!

Sometimes (most of the time) the heat is a real killer.

Even online shopping can be a hack, because all the good stuff is so far away…

…and expensive.

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The dilemma we’ve all faced: Burn to a crisp, or look like you’ve been to a face-painting birthday party.

Do you have any #YouKnowYoureAustralianWhen remarks to add? Weigh in on the hashtag in the comments below.

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