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Brooklyn hipster lists igloo on Airbnb for $200 a night


Everyone has their own blizzard coping mechanisms. A few dudes in Brooklyn decided to build and list an igloo they made in a backyard on Airbnb for $200 a night — and it just might be the very coolest thing to come out of the Snowpocalypse besides the snow days. 

You can totally see the whole thing going down. Patrick Horton, a 28-year-old advertising art director, and his friends had some time on their hands over the weekend, thanks to the historic blizzard that slammed NYC. So they built a pretty solid igloo in a Greenpoint backyard. Then they got a genius idea — why not list it on Airbnb?

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So they did. They listed their backyard igloo as a “Boutique Winter Igloo for 2” for $200 a night. Talk about a strong Snowpocalypse game. Here’s a screen grab of the listing.

Image: Airbnb

“Dripping with ingenuity and alt-lifestyle aura lays this Snowpocalypse’s most desirable getaway,” the listing reads. “Built completely by hand all natural. Come experience this chic dome-style bungalow with Bae.”

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Hilarious and oddly appealing. Here’s a shot of the interior, which appears to be just a few blankets and plastic covered pillows. Certainly an experience you’d tell your friends about later.

Brooklyn igloo
Image: Airbnb

But before you lunge for the credit card, you can’t actually stay there. Airbnb shut the prank-slash-genius-idea down. They said the Brooklyn igloo built for two doesn’t meet basic Airbnb criteria including “a place with running water, electricity, and a roof that doesn’t melt” New York Magazine reports.

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But based on reactions from social media, Horton might want to get busy on upgrading his designs, because people are way into the whole igloo idea. Horton has even inspired a new hashtag, 

And Horton is looking to expand his igloo influence into his Tinder love life.

This guy is single!? He’s got jokes and an igloo. Someone needs to snap him up! Like I said, his game is strong.

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