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Rescue dog proves that man really is his best friend (WATCH)

With all the heartache and destruction going on in the world, sometimes we really just need a feel-good story, and this is certainly one of those.

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Patch the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was re-homed by the Scottish SPCA last May, and not only did he find a new place to call his own, he also found an owner that loves and cherishes him — and the feeling is clearly mutual.

Patch’s owner, Mark O’Neill, went away for a week, and his partner, Kerrigan Renniegade, decided to film his return. The video starts with Mark walking through the door, and his adorable Staffie’s reaction is the cutest thing ever.

The Scottish SPCA shared the video on their Facebook page and it has since gone viral, with over 110,000 shares and 176,000 likes. There are also countless comments on the video, including, “I love dogs. I was away for the weekend, same greeting. It’s great,” “Too beautiful,” “Awww! Love it when my babies go crazy when I get home. They run past everyone else to get to me!!” and “Showing love and gratitude, so rewarding !!!!”

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The organization later updated everyone with another post about Patch and shared four sweet images.

It’s clear that this video has touched the hearts of many and, honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful moments shared between owner and pet that we’ve seen. It’s bound to make you shed a tear and maybe think twice about adopting a dog (or any type of pet) instead of shopping for one.

If this video proves anything, it proves that an animal can react in the most remarkable way if it’s loved and nurtured, no matter what terrible things it’s had to endure before. The bond between Mark and his pet pooch is definitely something to be celebrated.

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If you do want to adopt a pet there are many great places to start looking. Apart from the RSPCA, there are Pets4Homes, BlueCross, and Wood Green.

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