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Woman defends her dramatic eyebrow tattoos, says she did it ‘because I can’

It might not be the look you’d choose, but a German woman is defending her choice to get dramatic eyebrows tattooed on her face.

And she doesn’t care who thinks she’s “broken in the head” because of it.

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Mandy Lamrini posted photos of her eyebrow transformation last week, showing off one brow covered in white, likely some sort of hair removal cream, and the other tattooed with a dramatic arch.

The photos were soon shared several hundred times, with people commenting questioning her mental status — “Is everything ok in your head?” — and saying that she permanently ruined her face. Others made memes of her photos.

But, joke’s on them, because she’s “very pleased” with her new look — and others agree. “Stay just as you are!” one supporter wrote.

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The lesson is this: People can do what they want with their bodies, just as you’re free to do what you want with yours. Some people like tattoos, some don’t. Some people want to wear glasses, others prefer contacts. The important thing is that you do you, as long as it’s not illegal or hurting others.

And Lamrini is certainly going to do her.

“These eyebrows suit me better,” she said in a later video posted to her profile. “I have to walk around with these eyebrows, not you. You’re actually fans, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourselves.”


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