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Hairstylist shares trick to getting perfect waves with a flat iron

It’s so simple, but a hair trick created by Nicci Welsh, a Denmark-based hair stylist and makeup artist, is making waves, both in hair and in the haircare industry.

Welsh showed off a flat-iron trick to created beachy waves at the recent Front Row hair conference, creating quite the impression with other industry pros.

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Her S waves, or “Scandi waves” are created by using a flat iron. As she demonstrates in her tutorial video, it involves taking a 1- to 2-inch section of hair and pushing it slightly upward so it forms an “S” shape. Then, tap the hair with a 1-inch flat iron to set it. Welsh does it in alternating directions up and down the hair shaft.

“The up-and-down technique gives you volume, but I wanted it flat,” she told Refinery29. “I made it up because in Denmark we want this minimalistic beach look.”

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“I don’t know if it’s been done before — it must have — but the reaction from 90% of the people I show it to is: ‘I’ve never seen that,'” she continued.

Bonus: It’s super easy, so anyone can do it.

Welsh’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of various tutorials, ranging from tips for adding texture to hair to creating party makeup. She’s definitely your go-to gal if you’re looking for minimalistic styles with serious sex appeal.

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