11 Things you’re going to want from Ikea when it comes to town

I’ve yet to meet a Canadian who hasn’t owned something from Ikea at some point. Sure there may have been that whole little problem of finding traces of horse meat in their meatballs, but Ikea’s still the best place to find cheap, not tacky, minimalist furniture. And thankfully, it’s coming to Halifax, my city, with 11 more Ikeas  coming to other Canadian locations soon.

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“The rumours are true. We are going to open a full-size store,” Ikea Canada president Stefan Sjostrand confirmed at a news conference.

Halifax’s mayor Mike Savage shared his excitement about the new Ikea — set to open in 2017 — with CBC News: “I think this is very exciting for Halifax. I think it is a sign of confidence in the Halifax economy.”

Part of the really exciting thing about getting a new Ikea in town, is that I can finally get my hands on all those items I’ve been coveting that aren’t sold online. Here’s what you’re going to want to stock up on when Ikea comes to a city near you:

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1. Unusual bathroom vanity-sets, like this PS 2014 set

Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

This unique icy green mirror-set attaches onto your bathroom wall — no tools needed! (Ikea, $28.99)

2. These vintage-style table lamps

Image: Ikea/ikea.caa

Set the mood by scattering these little lamps around dark corners of your home. (Ikea, $12.99)

3. Affordable throws, like this fluffy Ofelia blanket

Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

I’m loving this fluffy cozy throw, perfect for cold Canadian winters.(Ikea, $19.99)

5. Stylish cushion covers, like the Lapjung Ruta cover

Lapjung Ruta
Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

Dress up your couch with this geometric black and white pillow. (Ikea, $12.99)

6. Unusual tablecloths, like the Tordis tablecloth

Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

Make a mess on these acrylic-coated table cloths — because they’re super easy to clean. (Ikea, $24.99)

7. These Hemsak carafes and stoppers

Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

Whether you make your own juice or dressings or need a place to store craft supplies, these carafes will do the trick. (Ikea, $3.99)

8. The Sinnerlig milk jug and plant pots

milk jug
Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

Who doesn’t covet this sleek, earthy stoneware? (Ikea, $12.99) 

9. This four-in one board game

board game
Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

Perfect for snow days — You can play backgammon, chess, English checkers or Ludo with one single board. (Ikea, $39.99)

10. This nifty green coat stand

coat stand
Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

Transform that messy hat and coat pile with this statement-making stand. (Ikea, $39.99)

11. Hanging pendant light cords

Image: Ikea/ikea.ca

These red pendant light cords will bring any dull room to life.(Ikea, $9.99)

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