Photos of Shiba Inu with stuffed polar bear will make you smile

Most of our furry friends have a favourite toy, but Maru the Shibu Inu has a very close bond with his stuffed polar bear, and they even share a lot of the same traits.

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Maru is a Japanese breed of dog known as the Shiba Inu, which is the smallest of six original and distinct spitz breeds from Japan. And due to Maru’s adorable everyday antics with his cuddly BFF in tow, he has most likely racked up more Instagram followers than most humans have.

He and his polar bear friend go on walks together (although it’s not clear how much walking is being done).

They sleep in exactly the same way.

Although sometimes the bear needs to double up as a pillow.

Their similarities are uncanny.

There’s nothing better than a nap by the fireplace.

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Except perhaps one on the carpet.

If this isn’t the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, we don’t know what is.

Shibu Inus tend to be possessive of their toys, food and surroundings, and little Maru does seem to be rather territorial with this particular stuffed creature. But he does have other friends too.

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We need a Shiba Inu now!


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