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Little girl’s bedroom dreams came true thanks to her very creative dad

There are a lot of incredibly devoted fathers in this world whose actions go unnoticed, but when we do notice, we like to pay tribute to their hard work. And this man’s recent project for his daughter was certainly hard work.

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Redditor radamshome put himself firmly in the running for the Greatest Dad Ever award after he built his daughter a tree for her bedroom. Yes, a tree: one she could sit inside to read as well as climb onto.

“My daughter wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books, climb the branches, and also have a top sitting area”, he wrote.

The project was no easy task, as can be seen from the series of images shared by radamshome which show the creation process. He admitted that he was “kind of un-prepared for the physical realities of this project”. Luckily he is a skilled creative.

“I’m an artist in the video game industry, and don’t usually draw with paper so I’m out of practice”, he stated. “Anyway, this was the last of about a dozen sketches I did before building the model. Most of the earlier drawings looked too scary, and the last thing I wanted was for it to give her nightmares!”

Dad creates his daughter's dream bedroom
Image: radamshome/Imgur

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His inspiration came from a Disney set design, and although he found it to be “difficult”, he also learnt a huge amount along the way.

Dad creates daughter's dream bedroom
Image: radamshome/Imgur

But it cost a pretty penny.

“Materials cost for the entire project, including the room renovations was about $4,250. It took about 350 hours of my time mostly spent on weekends or at night during the past 18 months”, he wrote.

Dad creates his daughter's dream bedroom
Image: radamshome/Imgur
Dad creates his daughter's dream bedroom
Image: radamshome/Imgur

However, his hard work paid off, because not only has he created something awesome, he has also given his little girl so much happiness.

dad creates daughter's dream bedroom
Image: radamshome/Imgur

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Well done, sir, you are truly awesome.

Have you spotted any other great home decor projects that dads have been involved in creating? Share them with us in the comments below.

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