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Girl turns pink after her Lush bath went awry (PHOTO)

Lush fans love their skincare products because, as well as being ethical, handmade and 100 percent vegetarian, they’re amazingly colourful, sparkly and smell incredible.


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However one customer has realised that you have to be careful how you use Lush goodies or the consequences can be rather alarming.

Abi Shenton sent a tweet to Lush after one of their products turned her skin bright pink, posting a photo of her new look with the caption, “Hi! @lushcosmetics just a quick question, are your products supposed to stain the human skin fluorescent pink?”

Lush Razzle Dazzle turns girl's skin pink
Image: Abi Shenton

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The matter was dealt with quickly with Lush responding to the bright pink girl with a love-heart emoji, a “Yikes!” and advice on who to contact for help.

It turns out that Abi hadn’t followed the instructions on her Razzle Dazzle bath oil, which is why she turned a bright shade of salmon (for three whole days, the poor girl).

To clear things up, and show there were no bad feelings, Abi posted a comment on a article.

“The product used was called ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and it is not a bath bomb! The correct procedure is that you are supposed to dilute it into water but I thought it was a soap and rubbed it all over my body and face (explains why my hair is dry) 3 days + several baths later I am no longer pink! I misused this product! I love LUSH and will still continue to shop there. It’s just a shame that I wasn’t told how to correctly use the product when purchasing! A very helpful friend of mine works at Lush and helped me remove all the pink stain with lemon juice, olive oil and a gritty face wash! (sic)”

Lesson? Read the packaging, people.

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