How to stop letting fear hinder you in daily life

There are millions of people suffering from the spirit of fear and desperately want to get the victory over it. I was one of those people who let fear hold me back from reaching my fullest potential. Fear torments.  

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I grew up in the church watching friends get up to testify about the goodness of the Lord and singing in front of hundreds of people, which made me a bit jealous because I wanted to be in that number too. I was too afraid to step out and do what I knew i was capable of doing.

Every once in a while, our pastor would call upon us to read a scripture or testify. When it was my turn to get up before the people, fear would grip my heart because i was afraid that what I had to say wouldn’t turn out right, and many times what I said in front of an audience didn’t turn out right. Fear would cause me to forget what I wanted to say.

This torment went on year after year after year. Fear can cause other bad spirits to rise up in you, and then you’ll have more spirits tormenting you. We can conclude that fear comes from Satan because 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”

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1. Pray for God to deliver you from the spirit of fear

He will deliver you from fear. It may not be right away, even though you want immediate relief of this spirit because you’ve now recognized that it’s a spirit from Satan. God does work miracles, but if he doesn’t give you immediate relief, you need immediate help. I’m here to help you with that because it worked for me.

2. Understand the meaning of fear

This understanding is one of the greatest things that help me overcome fear when it attacks me. Fear is nothing less than false evidence appearing real. Whenever you feel fear coming into your mind, you need to pray about it first, then tell yourself over and over that fear is false evidence appearing real until you grasp that. Once you grasp that phrase and live it, breathe it and be it. You are on your way to recovery.

3. Keep a visual reminder of fear

The enemy is slick and wants you to forget that fear is false evidence. It helps to have visuals in your home to help remind you of the true meaning of fear. I have created posters with the acronym for FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. I truly hope I’ve said something to help you on your journey to recovery of the spirit of fear. If so, please share this information with your social media; you never know who else it may help.

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