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Artist’s photo series shows how ‘unique and special’ animals are

Animal-loving photographer Flóra Borsi from Hungary wanted to show the similarities between animals and humans, so she came up with an unusual idea for a series of portraits, and the results are pretty special.

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In “Animeyed“, Borsi replaces one eye of the model with the eye of an animal, reptile or insect.

The 22-year-old spends up to 20 hours working on each image, from selecting the stock photo of the animal to making the final retouches.

“Adobe provided 120 stock photos,” Borsi told SheKnows. “I researched the perfect animals, observing the angle, lighting, colour and texture. I wanted to show how unique and special the animals are, one by one, from the fish to the cat. The smallest of animals is a miracle too.”

The actual photo shoot was the quickest part of the process — Borsi herself modelled for each one, making sure her hair and makeup perfectly matched her non-human companion.

Borsi revealed what the future holds for “Animeyed”: “I’m planning to make more of these, then create a book. Currently I don’t have a particular plan for the next animals — it requires a huge amount of research to find the right animal to fit in the portrait.”

Take a look at Borsi’s “Animeyed” portraits below.


Animeyed - Dove
Image: Flóra Borsi


Animeyed - Kitty
Image: Flóra Borsi

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Animeyed - Touché
Image: Flóra Borsi


Animeyed - Rabbit
Image: Flóra Borsi


Animeyed - Karma
Image: Flóra Borsi

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