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‘100 Years of Workout Style’ shows fantastic activewear from years gone by

Raise your hands if you remember wearing thong leotards with biker shorts underneath while working out in the ’90s.

Am I really the only one? I fondly remember wearing one of those outfits to my preteen dance classes — and I’m pretty sure the shorts were neon green. Yep, I was pretty much on my way to becoming a fashion icon.

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These days I’m all about leggings (who isn’t?), but I wonder if in 20 years I’ll feel the same way about my favorite athleisure wear as I do about the thong-short combo. Probably, judging from Mode‘s latest “100 Years Of” video featuring fitness gear from the 1910s until now.

The video features Blogilates founder Cassey Ho showing off the best of the best from days gone by, ranging from full maxi skirts, button-down blouses and heels during the ’20s and ’30s to the super-styling sweatsuits of the ’90s.

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The video also shows various workout devices from each period, and save for some — like the vibrating contraption that looks more like a sex device than workout equipment — the rest aren’t that different than what we use today.

The biggest takeaway for me is that fashion comes and goes, but keeping yourself healthy never does. And no, you shouldn’t take this as the end-all, be-all of workout wear. Feel better working out in a sports bra and shorts? Go for it. T-shirt and basketball shorts? More power to you. Wear what makes you feel best — that’s what fashion should be all about.

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