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What is one thing no feminist would ever say?

It’s no secret that many feminists are quite verbose. Sometimes it can take a lot of words to dismantle the Patriarchy! But is there anything a feminist would never catch themselves saying? We asked our group of favorite raging feminists to dig deep to tell us what you’d never, ever, catch them saying.

What is one thing NO feminist would ever say?

I really enjoy the literary works of Jonathan Franzen.” — Jen Selk

Can you please just go ahead and pay me 78 percent of whatever a man makes? I’m not planning on working that hard anyway.” — Shaindel Beers

I don’t mind standing on this train so you and your enormous balls can take up three seats. Just relax. You deserve it.” — Amanda Adams

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a man I don’t know screaming at me across the street that he would drink my bathwater, and also, nice titties. Because FINALLY I have validation that my titties are pleasurable for you when I go out to buy cold medicine. When exactly will you be coming over to drink my delicious soapy bathwater stew? Shall I put you in for about 9 p.m.? Sir? Siiiiirrrr?” — Alex Blank Millard

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You know who I wish we heard from more? Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher. I just can’t wait to find out what they’ll say next.” — Katie Klabusich

Oh, thank goodness there’s a man around to explain that to me.” — Lilit Marcus

My partner is so great. He helps out around the house and even babysits our kid sometimes.” — April Salazar

I love online dating. It’s so important to get feedback about how I can be more attractive to men who might decide to f*** me.” — Michele Campbell

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It sure would cheer me up if a strange man told me to smile.” — Meredith Counts

After becoming a parent, I realized things I never thought I’d say, I’ve said. Maybe it’s not ‘eat the ice cream sandwich and then we’ll go to school,’ but somehow I bet my feminist cred has been lost more than once in some damning sentence. However, for the sake of it, I know people say they are both feminists and anti-abortion, but I just can’t reckon those words in one sentence.” — Sarah Buttenwieser

I wish men would speak up more… (about their own issues).” — Patchie

Huh, some men would be more willing to date me if I wasn’t so adamant about the whole ‘being treated like an equal’ thing. Guess I’d better give that up.” — Maisha Z. Johnson

#notallmen” — Sarah Khan

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