Makeup artist creates looks inspired by junk food (PHOTOS)

Makeup artists can find inspiration in the most unusual places, and these junk food-inspired creations are proof.

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If you’re looking for inspiration on how to style your makeup, you may want to take some tips from this makeup artist. He goes by the name of skelotim (or Tim O) and describes himself as a “Bald headed Bearded bitch Who wears makeup [sic].”

Not only does this guy have some serious skills, but he is also one of the most creative artists we’ve seen in a long time, and he draws his inspiration (at least some of it) from sugary and salty snacks.

Warning: These looks may make you seriously hungry!

Like this Cheetos-approved look. Yum!

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Ruffles inspired his “Fat boy flow” for this showstopper look.

And our ultimate favourite is this striking green and yellow creation inspired by Funyuns.

Skelotim captioned the image with, “My Funyuns makeup! Judge a fat bitch if you want, but this is where I get my inspirations lmao and you know I ate that whole damn bag while doing my make up!” This guy clearly has a sense of humour.

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Pop-Tarts are delicious, but they also make for some trendy eyeshadow inspiration.

We love these looks — we only wish there were more! And we aren’t the only ones, as skelotim is already inspiring hilarious memes.

Is this the most creative thing you’ve seen on the Internet today? Let us know your thoughts on these looks (and the inspiration for your own) in the comments below.