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Teacher arrested after kids are found in her trunk & other news headlines

It’s Tuesday morning after a three-day weekend — ease into the week gently with these news headlines. 

1. Take it easy

Glenn Frey, a founding member of the Eagles, has died at 67. Frey co-wrote many of the Eagles’ biggest hits, and sang leads on hits like “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Already Gone,” over a career that spanned more than 40 years. The cause of death was complications from pneumonia, ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. He is survived by his wife, Cindy, and three children. — Reuters

2. Terror in Pakistan

An explosion has killed eight people in Peshawar, Pakistan, at a military checkpoint. Eleven more people were wounded in the apparent suicide bombing, which happened near a marketplace known for selling smuggled foreign goods. Among the dead are a senior member of the Tribal Union of Journalists and a Khasadar Force officer. — The New York Times

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3. Contaminated water

Michigan governor Rick Snyder is holding a press conference this evening and intends to address Flint’s lead-contaminated water problem, a health situation that officials have either ignored or covered up for the last year and has earned the nickname “Katrina II.” Class-action suits have been filed on behalf of the city’s residents, many of whom are suffering from lead poisoning. President Obama issued a state of emergency there on Saturday. — CNN

4. Put your booties on

Our long, freakishly warm non-winter may be over. The Midwest is currently enduring sub-zero temps, and the cold front is expected to arrive on the East Coast today. A second winter storm is forecast to hit the Northeast by the middle of this week with major snowfalls hitting Washington, Philly and New York. — NBC News

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5. Go back to where you came from

The British Parliament debated whether to ban Donald Trump from Britain on Monday. A freelance journalist circulated a petition to keep Trump from entering the country after he made incendiary comments about Muslims; the petition garnered more than half a million signatures. There will not be a vote at the end of the debate and it’s extremely unlikely that anything practical will come of the debate. The MPs just seemed to like the opportunity to air their opinions about The Donald. I mean, who doesn’t? — CNN

6. #OscarsSoWhite

Director Spike Lee and actor Jada Pinkett Smith announced yesterday that they would boycott the Oscars this year in protest of the lack of nominations for actors of color in any of the major categories. Lee announced his decision yesterday via an Instagram post; Pinkett Smith also announced via social media, writing, “We can no longer beg for the love, acknowledgment or respect of any group.” Of the 20 nominees in the acting categories, all are white. — Slate

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7. Teacher fail

A Nashville-area school teacher has been arrested for transporting three children in the trunk of her car. Andria James, a reading tutor at Alex Green Elementary School, was caught after a customer at a gas station saw the children climb out of her trunk; the police are reporting she was carrying a total of nine children in her Chevy Malibu. The woman denies the charges, but the gas station’s surveillance video shows the kids exiting the trunk. Another weird thing: The woman says the kids spent the night at her home. What kind of tutor provides overnights? — CNN

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