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10 Adulting awards we wish were real

There is no denying it, adulting is hard work. So hard, in fact, that we feel we may need to be awarded just for getting through the day without eating all our feelings at the same time or needing copious amounts of coffee.

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Adulting is hard and we deserve an award for surviving it
In fact, here are some awards we think we should receive because — let’s face it — we’re actually fully fledged adults, and we’re doing a pretty decent job.

1. The Calm Assurance Award

It’s hard to not lose your cool when you’re dealing with people day in and day out. But if you managed to make it through a long and boring phone call with your client while he was crunching food in your ear the entire time, well done, you need a Calm Assurance Award.

2. The Queen of Clean Award

You have a busy life, and sometimes cleaning clothes is the last thing you feel like doing, but if you did your laundry today, we’re impressed. Bonus points for not staining all your white clothes while one eye was on Netflix’s latest docu-series.

3. The Pooper Scooper Award

Anyone who has a cat knows they can bring great amounts of joy, but cleaning out their litter box is the worst thing ever.

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4. The Sugar Monster Award

When you go to the grocery store and actually buy fruit and vegetables instead of getting stuck in the cereal aisle. We miss you, Froot Loops!

Adulting is hard work and we deserve an award for it

5. The No Sweatpants Award

No longer able to sleep until midday? Or wear sweatpants and lounge on the couch? Yes, it’s that horrible little word: routine. But we all have to do it (and you’re doing a great job).

6. The Tough Girl Award

Had a really bad day? Nothing is going right? Instead of breaking down or losing your cool, you followed that simple motto, “Keep calm and carry on.”

It’s totally acceptable to cry throughout The Notebook, though.

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7. The Small Talk Award

You patiently listened to a stranger’s incredibly long story about their not-so-exciting life and even engaged in small talk. Well done.

Adulting is hard and we deserve an award for it

8. The Commitment Award

So many people bug you every day to show commitment. But if you were actually able to say “yes” to someone instead of “maybe” and replied to an RSVP instead of thinking about it for three weeks and missing the deadline, this award is for you.

9. The Adulty Adult Award

Instead of buying that insanely awesome Millennial Falcon LEGO set or that bottle of Unicorn Tears gin, you pay your bills first. Crying about this later is acceptable.

Adulting is hard work and we need an award for it

10. The Super Adult Award

Even though you had a million other things you would rather do, you still picked up the phone and called the dentist for your annual visit. Ugh.

What a list. We’re so tired of adulting now, it’s time to sign out.

What else do you think we should be awarded for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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