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This pooch is putting us all to shame with her recycling skills

When it comes to recycling, some of us are more environmentally friendly than others. We certainly don’t expect our pets to lend a hand, but there’s one very special dog who is making up for those who fail to pull their weight, however many legs they have.

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Meet Paris, the adorable pooch who picks up pieces of litter on her walks out with owner Fran Hodges. Her story is pretty remarkable, because not only does she collect litter, but she also knows which bins to put it in. And it’s because of the boxer’s unique behaviour that her owner has dedicated a special Facebook page to her, titled “Paris’ Wombling Page — One dog against the litterbugs”.

The photos are completely adorable.

She has plenty of energy when it comes to recycling.

She collects Guinness cans.

She also has a liking for Coca-Cola bottles.

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And helps find Sainsbury’s packaging a home in the recycling bin.

Hodges spoke about her beloved pooch, whom she likens to a Womble, during an interview with Yorkshire Evening Post.

“If she sees litter, she will actually pick it up“, Hodges explains. “So we pick up plastic bottles mainly, aluminium cans, we’ve had the odd large bit of wood, and maybe other recycled objects as she finds them in the gutter”.

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Paris is adorable. But this is more than just a cute story — it’s a lesson to be learnt. We all should take a page from Paris’ book and ensure that we pick up litter and recycle our garbage.

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