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Move over Grumpy Cat, a new puss is taking over the Internet (PHOTOS)

The world fell in love with Grumpy Cat, but he may soon be bumped off his virtual pedestal thanks to the latest cat whose grouchy face is taking over the Internet: Angry Pearl.

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Pearl, an orange and white cat, was adopted from a shelter by Will Highsmith of Jacksonville, Florida, and his family. But she’s much more than just a beloved pet; she’s also a viral sensation thanks to her forever-angry facial expression.

Taking to Reddit, her owner shared his photo of her looking at him through the bars of the shelter. Highsmith wrote, “So we found Pearl at the local shelter. She looked angry and we figured a warm loving home would help. She is still the harbinger of death.”
She now has her own Instagram page (with over 12,000 followers) — and it makes for hours of entertainment.

We totally feel like this when there’s nothing good on TV, too.
She’s clearly not a massive lover of these cat pellets.
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Loving her owner is pure torture.
Something fishy about those Ca$h 3 numbers.
Coffee anyone?
Speaking to ABC News, Highsmith revealed how Pearl’s social media fame came about.

“While we were at the shelter she was looking at me through the bars,” he said. “I took a picture and thought it was hilarious and posted it on Reddit under cats. It blew up on Imgur really fast and people were telling me to make an Instagram for this cat. People kept suggesting I do it so I made a few funny ones with funny, little lines all about hate.”

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Highsmith also thinks Pearl could give Dr. Evil a run for his money.

“We slid a futon in front of the fireplace and at night she sleeps right at the edge of the futon,” he said. “She just sits in front of it like she’s some sort of evil mastermind.”

But don’t let Pearl’s grumpy look mislead you, because she is actually a super loving pet.

“She loves to be rubbed, even on her belly,” Highsmith told BuzzFeed. “She purrs loudly and has to be near one of us humans at all times.”

Is Angry Pearl the new Grumpy Cat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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