The ponytail hairstyle trick that makes hair look 5 inches longer

If you’re growing your locks out, but feeling a little impatient, here’s an easy way to feel a little more Beyoncé. This simple double ponytail trick is the fastest way to grow your hair with no extensions required! 

Step 1:

The ponytail hairstyle trick
Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

You’ll want to begin with dry, tangle-free hair and apply a smoothing cream or serum if you prefer. You will just need 2 elastics, a large barrel curling iron and a light hold hairspray.

Step 2:

The ponytail hairstyle trick 2
Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

Now make another ponytail with the bottom section. Place this about 4 finger widths below the top ponytail.

The ponytail hairstyle trick 2b
Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

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Step 3:

The ponytail hairstyle trick 3
Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

To add some more oomph, using a large barrel curling iron, such as a 1-1/4-inch as shown here, and curl 1- to 2-inch sections until both ponytails are curled. Rake your fingers through the curls to loosen them once they’ve cooled.

Step 4:

The ponytail hairstyle trick 4
Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

Finish with a light hold hairspray to set your style. Spray some on your palms and smooth back any baby hairs or fly-aways.

The ponytail hairstyle trick 5
Image: Ivy Boyd/SheKnows

Now have fun swinging your hair around all night and make sure to incorporate hair flips into your routine as much as possible

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