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Airbrush makeup that’s actually practical for everyday use

After years of celebrity makeup artists creating flawless faces with airbrush makeup, we now have an at-home airbrush device that claims to transform you into a Kardashian right in your own dingy bathroom.

Please welcome the TEMTPU Air, a palm-sized device that won last year’s Breakthrough Award for most innovative new beauty tool from Allure. TEMPTU is iconic in the industry, from high-fashion looks seen at the 2015 BCBG S/S runways to intricate body painting like Rebecca Romijn’s all-blue Mystique. So… how is this going to work in our non-professionally-trained hands?

According to TEMPTU’s Manager of Global Education and Artistry Jackie Fan, “less is more” is the golden rule (unless, of course, you’re going for the full Mystique).

I was treated to a session with a TEMPTU makeup artist and of course, my makeup looked flawless. Then, I decided to try it over a few days at home. The Air is great for spot coverage because of its hair trigger — called the “SoftTouch Control” — which allows you to choose how much formula is released. (Test it out on your hand first!) Pro tip: The super-sensitive trigger means that newbies have a tendency to slather on the makeup. On my first try, my makeup had a “wet” look. As much as I love the Miami model-by-the-pool vibe, it’s not ideal for everyday wear. After I held the device further back from my face (Fan suggests four fingers), and applied in small circles, I got even coverage. I also felt like a total pro.

The “air pods” come in 12 shades (a very respectable number), as well as bronzer, highlighter and blush that doubles as lipstick. For covering blemishes, Fan suggests speed 1, then upgrade to speed 2 for foundation and speed 3 for highlighters.

Over my week with the TEMPTU, I got used to the idea of starting my morning with an airbrush (it feels very Beyoncé + her ubiquitous blowing fans). Maybe I won’t pull my glamour gun out at the gym locker room — yet. But will we all be applying our makeup in the office bathroom with an airbrusher by this time next year? I don’t see why not.

The cordless TEMPTU device is an investment up front at $240. The airpods are $45, but will last you three months with daily use (longer when used less often).

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