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10 Signs the loonie is tanking (GIFs)

The Canadian dollar dipped down to a 13-year low at 69 cents U.S. today (ouch!). But we Canadians don’t need the banks to tell us our dollar is low. The signs are all around us. Because you know the loonie is hurting when: 

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1. You downgrade your date nights from The Keg to Swiss Chalet

And you’ve pretty much memorized all the different variations on the Festive Special.

Pam from The Office

2. The only new designer in your closet is Joe Fresh

Because you now get all your clothes at the grocery store.

Breakfast Club

3. Your neighbours have started showing up in the middle of the day to help themselves to your liquor cabinet

Because drinking Irish coffees doesn’t count as day drinking, right?

Sisters scene of drinking

4. You know it’s sacrilegious, but you’ve started making poutine without the cheese curds

Because the taxes on cheese these days are just outlandish. It’s basically gold.

Liz Lemon

5. Moms everywhere have stopped demanding their adult daughters crank out more grandchildren

Or at least they’ve reduced their nagging to a biweekly occurrence, because who can afford more kids?

Teen Mom

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6. Your co-workers have started putting their initials on coffee cream in your work fridge

Because your office has deemed stocking the fridge an unnecessary cost to cut (we disagree!).

The Office

7. People have been reminiscing about the good old days of outlet shopping in Maine and Washington

Because now Americans are coming to Canada and buying up all our overpriced pewter giftware and maple syrup.

Clueless scene

8. Your co-workers stop asking who wants a round of Timmies

When it comes to your Double Double and doughnuts, it’s every woman for herself these days.

Tim Horton's

9. It’s your friend’s birthday? Well, you hope she enjoys this random, not-at-all cheap gift from Giant Tiger

Because Giant Tiger has pretty much become your go-to spot for literally everything now.

Devil Wears Prada

10. You’ve started going to art openings and networking events so you can fill your purse with cheese and deli meats

Because all that food would just go to waste, and it’s the only way you can afford a good sandwich.

Sandwich obsession

But regardless of how much the economy goes down the toilet, one thing’s for sure: We’re all in it together! So let’s throw more BYO-everything kitchen dance parties and ride this one out with friends and family.

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