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6 Trendy beauty products you shouldn’t spend your money on

These five trendy products are simply nothing more than buzzwords. You don’t actually need them, but the beauty industry wants you to think otherwise! Now, let’s be clear, if you like to experiment, or simply enjoy lighting your money on fire and watching it burn, that’s completely up to you. While these items are not necessary, they are a luxury add-on so enjoy as such.

1. Primer oil

Primers certainly have their place but when I saw Smashbox unveil their Photo Finish Primer Oil and read the ingredients, I quickly realized it was nothing more than a facial oil. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love facial oils and apply them nightly. However, applying a facial oil prior to foundation likely won’t make your foundation last any longer, which is one of the key benefits of a primer itself. It could even add extra slip to oily skin types, achieving the opposite effect. I don’t hate the idea of prepping skin with oil at all, but if you already own one you love, no need to buy a “primer oil” too!

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2. Lip serum

When I first tried the Fresh Sugar Lip Serum, I had high hopes as I really enjoy the Fresh lip balms and many of their other products. However, when I read that this is a serum, best used under a balm, I had to sigh. A good lip balm should hydrate well enough on its own and I’m definitely not into spending an extra $36 for an extra layer under my lip balm. Many eye creams can actually be used around the lip area so a separate lip serum just seems unnecessary.

3. Dry conditioner

After dousing your hair with dry shampoo, if you’re then adding dry conditioner, you may as well just wash your hair at this point. After adding a dry conditioner to your hair, you’re left with hair full of product that’s not any cleaner than when you started.

4. DD cream

Mother Mary, can we stop with the BB, CC, DD, etc.? They are all essentially tinted moisturizers with a bit more coverage and extra skin care benefits. If you’ve got a BB, you don’t need a DD. I raise an eyebrow when a product promises everything and then some, so usually you’re better off with a solid skin care routine and a great foundation or tinted moisturizer. Done and done.

5. Mascara primer

A mascara primer is adding an initial layer to your lashes to plump and thicken them up. However, you could achieve that same effect simply by layering coats of mascara. The primer may have an extra conditioning ingredient or two, but the thickening effect is minimal.

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6. Lip scrub

I know; they look so cute in their little jars! Lush sells them in drool-worthy scents like bubblegum and popcorn and Sara Happ’s are confectionery treats like Confetti Cake. Now, if you’d like to spend $10-$24 on flavored sugar, you certainly may, especially as a gift. However, please know that by running your finger under water, dipping into sugar and rubbing across your lips, you’ll get the same effect. Add a few drops of almond oil for extra hydration and you’ve got your own scrub for pennies.
These six products are officially in the nice-to-have but not must-have category. Now, go spend the money you just saved on a new lipstick!

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