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Shocking video shows hoverboard burst into flames with man on it (WATCH)

Over the last few months the Internet has been filled with hoverboard horror stories and this video proves that problems can happen in an instant, for no apparent reason.

British vlogger BuleBritish was impressed with his hoverboard (he failed to mention the brand), which he purchased from a seller on eBay, and decided to take it out for a ride but his outing turned nasty after the hoverboard exploded into flames — with him still on it.

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The video shows the hoverboard exploding and being consumed by flames as the man desperately tries to jump out of harm’s way. He then tries to douse the flames with water (note: pouring water on an electrical fire is not the best idea, especially when lithium batteries are involved).

He shared the video on YouTube along with the caption, “My first test on my new hoverboard did not go as planned :(.” And no, it certainly did not, but his video has helped to warn others of the potential dangers of hoverboards.

Comments on the post include, “Was planning on getting one this year. F*** that. Boosted Board here i [sic] come,” “I now know what to get my mother-in-law for her birthday!” and “All these things have been recalled. I don’t get why you wouldn’t return it back to the company. Everyone has known about this problem since December.”

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But there are also some people who have raised an important issue as the hoverboard was reportedly charged all night and this is not something you are advised to do. Although the charger should shut off when the battery is fully charged this may not be the case with some of the cheaper versions, which can then lead to overcharging.

Titoe Jackson wrote, “man this guy said at the beginning of the video “her had it charging all night”it only takes 1 hour to fully charge some 1 hour an half.. Over charge an the battery burned out an malfunctioned. [100 percent] his fault… @bulebritish. (sic)”

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And Dylan Woodruff agreed, writing,”Noticed how he said he charged it all night…. You can’t do that, the maximum charging limit is 2 hours, not 8 hours. He overcharged it and that’s what happens. (sic)”

Hoverboards: a dangerous device or one that only malfunctions due to human error? You decide.

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