Why I’m reflecting on my past in the new year

This year is off to a quick start; and while most people are working hard on their new goals and aspirations for the year, I’m doing something different.

I have decided that now is the perfect time to look back at how far I’ve come in my life. So, I am finding ways to treasure my past, especially the time spent with my children. It’s easy to get caught up in daily living and forget to look back, but looking back at how far I’ve come will give me plenty of motivation to keep going and start working on new goals.

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Gaining perspective

When I appreciate all the good things that have happened to me, I gain perspective. I’m not saying it’s good to dwell on the past, but I believe it’s a good idea to take the time right now to reflect on my experiences and use those memories like a rocket booster to propel myself forward!

I am in the mood to quietly look back and think about all the ways I have grown, especially due to being a mother. I have three wonderful, grown children and two grandkids, so I’m an empty-nester and I finally have the time to look back and smile at all the craziness I have survived.

Even the tough things that I have been through while raising my kids have been good for me as a person. I am smarter, more capable of dealing with anything and so grateful for all the challenges that being a mom brought to me.

My New Project

This year, my newest project is just to go through and organize all my family photos so that I may find new ways to treasure them as permanent keepsakes.

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There are so many things you can do with photos, so I am sharing some of my ideas here:

  • Make an online album to share with friends and family
  • Pick a few favorites and have them enlarged and framed
  • Focus on some special events or milestones and have photo books made
  • Create some homemade cards out of early childhood pictures to save and send as birthday cards
  • Make a photo collage of some of the memorable moments
  • Possibly add a wall mural to the home decor
  • Make a childhood photo album for each of my children
  • Put together an album for myself of some of my family’s really old black-and-white photos

I love to keep busy, so doing a few photo projects will make me appreciate the wonderful times I have spent raising my children.

I am sure that cherishing my children’s photos will warm my heart with gratitude for the gifts that my children are to me. Maybe after my projects are finished, by this summer I can relax in my backyard hammockand browse through my new photo books and albums.

Cherishing the past through photos is always something I have wanted to do but never took the time. I was too busy being a young mother!

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