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7 Unusual therapy pets that will totally surprise you

Seeing traveling passengers stroll through the airport with their therapy dog is nothing new. But what if you stepped onto an airplane and saw a turkey in the passenger cabin? A real, live turkey. Yes, this actually happened.

Reddit user biggestlittlepickle posted an image of the unusual event with the caption, “My neighbor is a flight attendant. He just posted this photo of someone’s ‘therapy pet,’ on his flight.”

Therapy turkey on a plane.
Image: biggestlittlepickle/Reddit

If you’re as confused as we were by that picture, let us explain. It turns out it’s actually pretty easy to register an animal as an emotional support animal. According to the National Service Animal Registry, you can register almost any animal with a doctor’s note stating you have a disability. After that, you pay a fee, and your certificate is promptly mailed to you.

Here are some more unusual therapy pets we thought you’d like to see:

Rojo the therapy llama

Rojo roams the streets of Portland, Oregon, bringing joy and happiness to everyone he meets.

Gentle Carousel miniature horses

A dog-size horse that can travel with you? Yes, please.

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Buttercup the pig

Buttercup accompanies Lois Jean Brady, a certified autism specialist, on several of her therapy sessions.

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Helping Hands Monkey Helpers trains adorable little monkeys to help adults with mobility impairments perform daily tasks in their home.

Toast the ferret

Toast the ferret is a certified therapy animal.Image: Fuzzy Friends Rescue and Shelter

Toast was rescued by Fuzzy Friends Rescue and now travels to various facilities, providing therapeutic aid to lots of lucky people.

Kiwi the fennec fox

Kiwi lives at Lyon Ranch in Sonoma, California, and is beyond adorable.

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