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The ‘Wineathlon’ 10k is for those who love booze more than running

Think nothing could entice you to run a 10k? How about energy drinks that come in “red, white and rosé”?

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It’s not your typical race, but it’s growing in popularity and Glasgow is the latest U.K. city to host its very own Wineathlon. Even the most reluctant runners are signing up in droves for the autumn event — and that’s down to one big selling point.

Instead of water at the rest stops, participants will be offered wine in what the organisers call their attempt to “put the fun back into run”.

Previous races in Yorkshire and Huddersfield have been hugely successful, with up to 3,000 runners taking part.

The route for The Great Glasgow Wineathlon hasn’t yet been finalised, but hundreds have already entered for the Sept. 24 event. There will be stops at 2-mile intervals, where wine will be on offer, each one from a different wine region of the world. And it’s not just your nasty vinegar from the bargain bin: Organisers pledge that each wine will cost at least £7.50, and if runners like one in particular they can purchase it at the end of the race.

If they’re not too gassed already, right?

Well actually, that’s not too likely as only a “sample” of wine will be available to each runner, and anyone who tries to sneak an extra shot will be sent packing.

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Due to the availability of alcohol, the event is only open to people over the age of 18 and organisers said ID may be requested. Runners must also agree to a lengthy disclaimer before taking part.

A local charity will be chosen to benefit from money raised at the event and runners are being encouraged to raise as much as possible beforehand. Prizes will be offered for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as best fancy dress. To enter, visit, where you can also find details on two more alternative 10ks: the Pieathlon and the Chocathlon.

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