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11 Reasons you should travel more this year

Vacations are a must for many families, but there are more reasons than you might think to hit the road with your crew this year.

1. Time together

Our fast-paced, busy lives make it hard enough to get everyone around the dinner table at night — forget a full week of uninterrupted family time. Sometimes taking off to a new place and leaving your own lives behind is the only way to really get a big chunk of family time.

2. Making memories

Sure, you can make memories without ever leaving your house, but the memories you can make while on vacation will have a special place in your heart — and your photo album.

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3. Ditching technology

It’s a lot easier to convince your kiddos to put down the tablets when you have a new place to explore. Fill your day with plans for big adventures, and they’ll never touch their phones — except to take pictures.

4. Reconnecting

Once you’ve all put away your phones, you’ll finally get that face-to-face time you’ve been missing. You might even get a chance to show your kids just how cool you really are.

5. Trying new things

From foods to challenges and activities, there’s no shortage of new things to try when you’re traveling. And the best part is, you’re there to see it all happen. For once, you’re guaranteed a chance to see their reaction and soak it all in firsthand.

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6. They want to hang out with you

Finally. Dinner and shopping with Mom isn’t something you have to force on your kids. While you’re on a trip, there’s a good chance they’re going to want your company. What mom can ever get enough of that?

7. They want to hang out with one another

Your kids haven’t all gotten along for more than five minutes in half a decade. That’s why it’s so amazing that, sans their school posses, they’re suddenly back to being BFFs. If you don’t do it for yourself, then take a trip to give your kids a chance to remember that their siblings are actually pretty OK.

8. PDA

You know how one day your kids just decided they no longer wanted hugs in public? For some reason those rules seem to fade away in the excitement of vacation. Sure, it may be because they don’t know anyone for hundreds of miles, but we choose to think it’s because they’re just so happy to be there.

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9. Nothing will ever be the same

We live in a world that is always changing. Sure, you can put off those travel plans for another year, but nothing will be exactly like it is right now. Just think of all the things you could be missing.

10. It’s closer than you think

No matter where you live, we guarantee you can find a fabulous destination less than a day’s drive away. You may not have the time or money to travel the world, but you can take a long weekend and have a lot of fun in your little corner of it.

11. Google can get you only so far

Sure, you can sit at your computer and catch of glimpse of pretty much anywhere in the world. But that’s nothing compared to actually being there. Show your kids that even the Internet can’t teach you everything.

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