5 Ways to stretch your intuition muscles

Psychic and intuitive gifts are like muscles, the more we use them, the stronger they become. Intuition building is more important than psychic parlor tricks because intuition cultivation results in increased success and life satisfaction. When we focus on intuition and the subtle self, we make decisions in line with our personal authenticity. Acting from personal authenticity eliminates distraction, brings us closer to goals and provides overall satisfaction and strong sense of self.

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1. Cell phone psychic

How many times has the phone rung and you knew who was on the other end? Challenge yourself on a daily basis to improve your intuition. Place your phone facedown during your day and set to vibrate. When a phone call or text comes through, attempt to feel who is sending the message before you look at the phone. Trust me, you will become frighteningly good at this.

2. Pull a single angel/oracle/soul/tarot card every day

Cards provide a focal point for your intuition. A card practice is fun, simple and becomes an enjoyable activity. It takes four minutes during your morning routine:

  • Clear your mind.
  • Pull a card randomly.
  • Engage in the imagery.
  • Decide what it means to you. What does it say about you? What does it say about the day to come? What is the message of the card? Trust your first instinct.
  • Revisit the card in the evening. Did what you see come to fruition? Did it take on new meaning? What did you discover?

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3. Open and activate your five senses

Our physical body interfaces with the natural world through the five senses. We unconsciously gather and use sensory information while decision-making all day long. Perform a senses exercise with a five or ten-minute chunks of time on your hands. Pick one of the five senses (hearing, smelling, tasting, touching or seeing). Focus on the chosen sense. Imagine it like a blooming flower, opening, expanding, becoming more aware. Move through your sense. For instance:

  • Choose “sight” and imagine yourself seeing farther — through walls, clothes and darkness.
  • Choose “hearing” and imagine you hear like a superhero. What sounds surround you? What lay beneath the sounds you normally hear? Pull the sounds apart to differentiate them.
  • Choose “taste” and deconstruct a wonderful meal, discover and disseminate every spice and flavor. Once you’ve identified the food or spice, can you taste what geographical location they came from? Can you taste who prepared or packaged the meal?
  • Choose “smell” and imagine you smell like a Bloodhound dog. What brand of cleanser was the room cleaned with? Can you detect cologne? Can you tell who was in the room before you? Describe what you smell.
  • Choose “touch” and notice how your clothes feel on your body. How does your sweater feel across your back? How do your leggings feel beneath your thighs? Touch something and note how it feels beneath your fingers. How does the air feel on your skin?

4. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a proven mood, energy and endorphin booster. Did you know exercise helps you become more intuitive? Physical exercise helps you transcend your physical body — especially dark or candlelit exercise — open your energetic field and connect to the universal power source. Sex is included in this category, so have fun and enjoy that out-of-body experience!

5. Tracking

Did you get a psychic or intuitive “hit”? Keep track of all hits in a journal or your cellular device’s “note” folder. This is important. Honor hits by writing them down and not brushing them aside. You’ll be happy you did.

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Sasha Graham read tarot professionally for over a decade in New York City. She is the author of Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spreads and 365 Tarot Spells. Visit her site, Sasha Graham, for tips on filling your life with magic.


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