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Aisha Corpas Wynn of Flipping Miami is a female entrepreneur you need to know

Aisha Corpas Wynn has several executive producer credits under her belt, including the popular shows I’m Married to a… and Flipping Miami. She has sold shows to networks like OWN, Pop network and the Style Network. She’s the founder of A Wynn Wynn Production, co-founder of Four Henrys Productions and, most recently, the founder of Wynn Jewels.

This passionate and energetic girl-boss has an incredibly rich background. She’s a first generation Panamanian American. She’s brilliant (she was accepted to the University of California, Santa Barbara, at age 16) and beautiful (she was crowned Miss Panama California in 2010).
Kimberly Jesicka of the Wake Up! TV show and I discussed challenges, inspirations and the influence of her background on her experiences as a woman entrepreneur. In our podcast, Aisha shared her journey as a black Panamanian woman in the entertainment industry and explained her unconventional preference to work in the background in an industry where most people prefer to stand in the limelight.

On her “no excuses” upbringing

“(My background) is at the core of who I am. When you have parents who come to a country that is all about making the best of yourself — they came to America and garnered pretty great success — it’s like, ‘You don’t have an excuse because you were born here.’ There was no excuse to fail in my household, and because of that, I never thought of making excuses for myself, like a lot of people tend to do.”

On the most important secret to her success

“The best decision I believe I have made was allowing myself to be mentored…. Do not let your drive and confidence hinder you from being mentored. Being mentored can fast-forward your success.”

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