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The State of the Union: 18 Tweets that nailed Obama’s final speech

Last night marked a momentous occasion: President Obama’s final State of the Union address. As it always goes with the spectacle of American politics, Twitter was there to see us through. Here are the best highlights from the social media channel.

As President Obama prepared to get underway, he started his speech with a few of his trademark quips, promising to keep it short …

… and landing a well-timed barb directed at the two senators in the audience who are currenly campaigning: Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio. Twitter noticed immediately.

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After introducing the prez, newly instated House Speaker Paul Ryan appeared to be having a deep internal struggle for the rest of the night, providing rich fodder for the rest of us. You guys, there were so many jokes about Ryan and his facial paralysis. So. Many. Jokes.

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And it just wouldn’t be a presidential address without some commentary on good ol’ Uncle Joe:

People just couldn’t help but notice that some folks didn’t get up during the evening’s many standing ovations: 

Apparently, Kim Davis made an appearance:

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There was tons of love for some of the comments Obama made about everything from climate change to health care to the changing political climate. A few people chimed in with some “amens” or pointed out some overlooked points:
As always, the evening culminated with a rebuttal, this time from North Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and people chimed in on that.

All in all, a pretty good showing, though the president probably could have abbreviated the entire thing pretty easily:

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