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Mermaid cushions are the thing that will complete your home (VIDEO)

There’s a cushion on the market that’s bound to impress even the fussiest house guest; say hello to the mermaid cushion.

Mermaid cushions are the item every woman needs in her home

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If its name wasn’t already enough to win you over, then you will be seriously impressed when you see what it can do.

Much like a mermaid’s tail, the cushion, which was designed by Aviva Stanoff Design and will set you back $150 (around $214 AUD), shimmers thanks to its arrangement of sequins, but it also changes colour — and it’s pretty mesmerising to watch.

You can change it up by making squiggles or writing letters on the cushion — imagine someone spelling out the words “will you marry me” with these cushions? The answer is bound to be a “yes.”

The creation has become somewhat of an Internet sensation after a video was uploaded to Facebook by Steve Noviello. The post has since been liked over 200,000 times and shared twice that number, making it clear that people are really excited about this sparkly cushion.

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Comments on the video include: “Maddening! My OCD would be on overdrive!!,” “I’m gonna a whole bunch of them when I win the Powerball,” and “I don’t think I could stop playing with those pillows. Trouble.”

Mermaid cushions are the one item every woman should own

We agree. We definitely would not stop playing with those pillows. But here’s the bad news: They were being sold at Nebraska Furniture Mart, but according to the company there has been so much interest in the cushions of late that they are all sold out.

However, there is a silver lining: The company is holding a competition where you can stand a chance to win a few mermaid pillows.

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Failing that, we’ve found a retailer that does have them in stock — in pretty much every colour you could ever dream of — and they are pure awesome. But they’ll also set you back a pretty penny because they cost $99 (around $140 AUD).

Would you have these in your home or would they be an endless distraction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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