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Chilling photo of car near Lake Erie goes viral & other headlines

It’s Tuesday morning and hopefully you’ve eased into the week. But don’t strain yourself — wake up gently with these news headlines. 

1. Eerie ice sculptures

So much for the freakishly warm winter: Wind gusts on Lake Erie near Buffalo yesterday sent blasts of icy water over nearby parked cars, resulting in ice sculptures that encased the cars in frozen waves.

Winds have died down a bit, but the Great Lakes region will continue to endure arctic air and a major snowfall of up to three feet. Hope everyone has an ice scraper in their car. Er, in their pocket. — ABC News

2. Worlds collide

In a move that shows that celebs occupy a different social sphere than we do, Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch have announced their engagement. That’s right, Jerry Hall, 59, former model, former partner to Mick Jagger and mother to his four children, is marrying media titan Rupert Murdoch, 84, already thrice-married, father to six children. After a three-month courtship, they announced, of course, in one of Murdoch’s newspapers. Maybe you can always get what you want. — CNN Money

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3. Terror in Turkey

An explosion in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul has killed at least 10 people. The square is the heart of Istanbul’s tourist district — The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque are there — and it is possible that foreign nationals are among the dead. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, though the Turkish president has said that the suicide bomber had “Syrian roots.” Our thoughts are with the victims. — CNN

4. Selfie mugshot

A man wanted in Ohio has sent police a more flattering mugshot in the form of a selfie. Not happy with the photo the cops posted, Donald A. Chip Pugh, who’s wanted for a DUI and is a “person of interest” in other cases including arson and vandalism, took a more flattering one and sent it to the police. They included the snap on their Facebook page and thanked him for being so helpful, but noted they would prefer that he just come to the station in person. Hey, even fugitives want to protect their personal brands. — NBC News

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5. Roll Tide!

Alabama won the national title last night in a rather exciting game against Clemson: With 10:34 left in the fourth quarter, Alabama kicked a field goal to tie the game 24-24. The Crimson Tide then pulled off what might be the best onside kick in history, retaining control of the ball and launching a fierce, closely fought last 10 minutes for a final score of Alabama 45, Clemson 40. If you come across a Clemson fan this morning, tread lightly. — Slate


If you’re the Clemson fan, turn your attention forward rather than grieving the past: Tonight is the State of the Union address. President Obama intends to address the country’s long-term challenges, to reassure Americans that terrorists don’t pose an existential threat to the country and to highlight issues faced by Syrian refugees and immigrants. He will also leave a seat empty to draw attention to victims of gun violence. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley will deliver the Republican rebuttal. — The New York Times

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