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The ‘Hot Dog Drawing Challenge’ is baffling the Internet (WATCH)

When is a hot dog not a hot dog? When it’s an incredibly life-like drawing of a hot dog, that’s when. 

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Welshman Howard Lee’s latest visual illusion has blown the Internet’s mind with his drawing of a hot dog. When placed next to a real, edible hot dog, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between them.

The Aberystwyth artist posted a video of the comparison, “Hot Dog Drawing Challenge,” to YouTube, demonstrating exactly how his drawing was created. He also shares the secret to which hot dog is real.

Watch and the truth shall be revealed:

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The amazing hot dog is one of several amazing works of art by Lee — each one could be mistaken for a photograph if you didn’t know otherwise.

Previous drawings that are crazily like the real thing include a chocolate Santa, an iPhone and a tomato:

Discover more amazing art on Howard Lee’s website.

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