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Robots are taking over the kitchen, starting with the perfect cup of tea

Technology has given us so much to be thankful for. Email, so we can stay in contact with people across the world. Phones, so we’re contactable no matter where we are. YouTube, so we can watch Channing Tatum rock it out like Beyoncé over and over again. And now, robots for the kitchen, so we can make that perfect cup of tea.

It’s true. At a technology trade show hosted in Las Vegas, a robot that can arguably make you the best darned cup of tea that you’ve ever tasted has been released.

You like it milky? No worries. Extra sugar? You shouldn’t, but the robot doesn’t know about health and is likely to comply.

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What about the tea bag — do you leave it out or in? Whatever the case may be for you, the tea-making robot will listen. Unlike your partner, who always forgets to take the teabag out.

The tea-brewing robot is made by Teforia, which is said to revolutionise and customise how we all drink our morning cup.

Teforia tea robot
Image: Teforia

“It really allows you to customise what kind of tea you make and drink,” said Teforia’s Kris Efland. He says it gives the drinker a richer, more complex flavour at the touch of a button. Earthy, sweet, savoury — the choice is yours.

“[It] knows what type of tea you’re brewing and how to properly brew it, like having a tea master in your home,” says Allen Han from Teforia.

Han, who grew up in Taiwan, says most tea drinkers don’t know what they’re missing out on. They don’t even know what a delicious cup of perfectly brewed tea even tastes like. Your taste buds are missing out, guys — that’s basically what they’re saying.

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But it’s not as easy as just pouring some hot water over a tea bag. The whole process takes about four minutes and involves adding about a handful of loose tea to the infusion chamber. Once you’re ready to go, you simply click the button and the iOS or Android app gets to work.

But, the kitchen robot revolution doesn’t just stop there. Oh no. There’s also a Segway robot made by Intel that is set to become the household kitchen assistant.

Segway robot
Image: Segway Robot

It has voice recognition, which means you can literally tell it what to do, and you can even jump on and ride the thing, making walking around the house absolutely unnecessary.

I can just see myself now. Bossing around my robotic team of homemakers. Because, goodness knows, I don’t have much prowess in the kitchen. Maybe with all these handy household makers around, I’ll finally be able to convince my partner to eat one of my home-cooked meals. That’s what we really need. A cooking robot.

What do you think about using robots to do household chores? Let us know.

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